Nazi alert and other people's reactions
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05-01-2013, 04:35 PM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2013 04:42 PM by Luminon.)
RE: Nazi alert and other people's reactions
(05-01-2013 01:51 PM)Grassy Knoll Wrote:  First allow me to commend you on your passion of this subject. Alas, I'm not a worthy opponent. I once had a similar passion about stories like Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged, Horatio Bunce and the like but the business of life and raising five kids took precedent to much of that. It's still in me but it's more of a guiding force rather than a personal soap box these days. In short, I grew up and realized that the world is much more complicated than we can ever know. No disrespect to you though. I would encourage you to follow vision and perhaps raise a family someday with a micro-vp take. I think that is kind of what most family units are really. Perhaps that is your appeal to this?
Well, Atlas Shrugged seems VERY simplistic to me. I could get really derisive about it, if there weren't Libertarian folks around whom I respect. As for Animal Farm, that's a very scary and very real political parable indeed. Orwell knew his business. And I don't know who's Horatio Bunce.
Anyway, I'm not putting my eggs all into more basket, in other words, I'm much crazier than that, there are other agendas alongside. But their common theme is the sharing of world's resources globally, first by industrial surplus, then gradually more. Plus of course abolition of stock markets and financial speculation. I don't think we have much choice about these as a humanity. We're in a diffcult but simple crisis, greed and death, or generosity and sharing.

Perhaps it's just an illusion, but the problems of humanity seem comprehensible and solvable to me. I refuse to cloud my mind with 'pessimplistic' "human nature" and with technocratic intra-systemic policies that only change parameters of the system, while the system continues to do basically the same thing, make rich richer and poor poorer. All actions against it are merely exceptions to the rule. Wealthy people giving 50 % of their money to the charity are most admirable, but meanwhile the system in Russia and India produces hundreds of new millionaires at the detriment of the whole population.
(I also refuse to watch TV, the information stream is too slow, too little of right choice, too much boring and false crap, too many untrustworthy news... Maybe I lose some social context, but I save my unbroken contemplative attention. And the programs that interest me can be always watched online.)

Well, so far, nobody was able to guide me out of this illusion. It was brought about by some old men, some well into their 90's perhaps, and even they in their long life saw no solution to world's problems but science, technology, generosity and good will. Nobody could cure me from the Alexander's fever he got into after cutting through the Gordic knot. The Celts were afraid that the sky would fall on their head, and perhaps I'm afraid that it will happen to us - except it will be the Earth, not the sky. I don't think we have decades in which I could raise a family and live in a micro-VP. If that happened, I'd need a lot of weapons to defend it from raiders and mutants, probably. But nevertheless, the world was basically ready to begin with sharing the resources after the WW2 and we're not there just because of political and business ambitions.

Yes, VP is like a great family, mainly from an economic point of view. A family is able to survive in various corrupt countries, because the family members support each other, they don't waste money and they don't have a free market among them. A family is tied together by right relationships. A family is an example of a real, working micro-Communism. People underestimate Communism, because they think it's an economic system. They're wrong. Communism is and can only be a system of right relationships. (and so can be democracy, for that matter) Those who thought they can instill Communism by violence, which destroys all right relationships, were dangerous idiots. If we don't understand right relationships, not even intuitively as some good and true politicians do, then we don't understand anything about the society, anything about human nature, then we don't know why some things work and some things don't. Then we bring shame to the scientific method and academic community. Our economists and politicians are not better than shamans and witches, and I'd rather choose shamans and witches, because they at least have an empirical hands-on experience and responsibility to the local community. (which is a right relationship, btw)

I hope my understanding is not just an illusion. (and I hope it is, because then we wouldn't be in such a global trouble) If you think I'm wrong, please point it out where and how. Because it pretty much seems to me I understand and therefore it's my duty to do something about it. None of this is my idea, I just see if a pattern of something is true or not, if I contemplate upon it. Present a pattern to me in its wholeness and I'll see if it's good, bad or incomplete. And all patterns are incomplete, part of the trick is to tell how much territory they cover, how much world do they explain. One easy way to know a blind ideologist is to see someone thinking that his beloved pattern covers all possibilities.
Believe me, I know the world is more complicated than we can ever know Smile There are areas of meaning that are like a dark forest to me. (fortunately for you, these are the people skills Smile ) RBE is a comparatively simple system in its geniality, simplier than most people think. Therefore it's a good thing to present to the public. It's also a fun exercise of mind and explaining.

If I believe passionately in anything, I believe in a meaningful, causal, knowable and comprehensible world. A world which makes sense or is possible to be made sense of through an adequate effort. A world that is always changing, always in state of cyclical evolution from an old order to a new order. Something tells me you have to believe in that, or you'll go mad or lose all hope, as many philosophers of history did, you'll put down the only tools your mind can have. If you lose this faith, you give up on your intuition and intellect. Some things are very complicated to understand intellectually, but they can be understood intuitively. This kind of intuition must be trained. I suppose my training has paid off somewhat, being able to do what I do, write what I write. Of course it never ends. I just want to say, don't give up, you can understand through intuition and intuition can be trained, after the intellect is developed. Maybe this particular way of working isn't for you, but everyone have a kind of great potential in them and it can be developed through right practice.

If you claim there are nuances to principles, there are no nuances to getting arrested or shot for disobeying the power.
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