Nazi alert and other people's reactions
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11-01-2013, 09:03 AM
RE: Nazi alert and other people's reactions
Hey, Luminon.

You're better off than me. The only Czech I know isTomas Plekanec Cool

The issue I have with custodian or caretaker is that they both elevate us. We have authority over the biosphere. I prefer to think of us as partners. Equal partners with everything else.

I'm not a big fan of GMO. We don't know enough about the biosphere to start introducing new organisms into it. Our track record to date is pretty abysmal.

I mean, the things you're talking about speak of a sense that we have the right to do with life as we see fit. We can design it how we like, use it how we like. There's something perverse about that.

On growth, capitalists cannot be turned away from growth because it's the foundation of their system. To abandon it is to abandon capitalism entirely. Ie, they would no longer be capitalists if they abandoned growth.

On the quality and inputs thing, I get what you're saying about needing to produce less, but the inputs needed to make a better product than a similar cheap product is greater. So I'm willing to concede that it's a little murkier than I characterised it.

Quality of life. Absolutely. Daniel Quinn once said something awesome. Our system is good for products and bad for people. The egalitarian systems of the past (and some that have survived through to today) are good for people but bad for products.

Humans make purpose. Interesting sentiment.

I didn't understand your answer to the anti-growth mechanism question.

Yeah, I'm not getting the mechanics of RBE. All of that maglev stuff went over my head.

Peace and Love and Empathy,

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