Need Math Help, Please!
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13-02-2013, 12:33 AM (This post was last modified: 13-02-2013 12:39 AM by Carlo_The_Bugsmasher_Driver.)
RE: Need Math Help, Please!
(12-02-2013 07:26 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  Okay, I've heard people say they are willing to help with math, so I am here to take you up on your offer. I'm working on polynomials, something I've did before, but I'm a bit rusty. So I was doing okay, until I got to this problem, and I cannot understand why it is being marked as wrong. The computer tells me "Although your answer is equal to the correct answer it is in the wrong form." though it doesn't provide any instruction as to what form it wants. In any case, after getting it wrong three times it was marked as wrong and it provided me with the correct response. Only thing is, I do not even understand how the correct answer is equal my to answer. Here is the problem:


I took the reciprocal of the terms, did my calculations and wound up with
The answer it wanted was

From observation it would seem that it wanted me to subtract -3sr^2 from 11r^2s, but those aren't like terms are they? since when does sr^2 = r^2s? Can someone please clarify? If this is indeed the case can someone please explain how or why these are like terms so I can recognize it in future problems? Thanks in advance!

Remember the Communtative Property of Multiplication.

A*B = B*A


(R^2)(S) = (S)(R^2).

Its just a matter of combining like terms at that point.

Also in regards to the computer answer, in theory the problem presented is the correct answer as well. Just in the wrong form. Strange but true.


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17-10-2013, 11:27 AM (This post was last modified: 17-10-2013 12:00 PM by Bucky Ball.)
RE: Need Math Help, Please!
Just a reminder...
Khan Academy
has many short videos/help/explanations with almost any math subject you can think of. Thumbsup
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