Need a language buddy person thing (Swedish)
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13-08-2016, 10:59 AM
Need a language buddy person thing (Swedish)

I am currently learning Swedish and I am a beginner.
I feel like, the app I am using is teaching me a lot and is doing a good job with that
I know for a fact (because I checked on the German course on there) that the pronunciation and intonation is often really far off from how things are actually supposed to sound.

I do have a coworker who offered to help me out when I have questions with grammar etc. But I don't want to bother her too much.

So would be nice, if we had some Swedish people here who would like to Skype once in a blue moon just to talk in Swedish and fix my pronunciation.
I am pretty busy so it wouldn't be a whole lot anyway. Just once in a while.

And I wanted to write this in Swedish but i think with a vocabular that only has colours, animals, food, and a few other basic words, I wouldn't get to far hahaha.


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