Need some support in my deconversion process. (Long post.)
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18-08-2017, 10:53 AM
RE: Need some support in my deconversion process. (Long post.)
(18-08-2017 08:23 AM)Anonymous Skeptic Wrote:  Perhaps I've just been taught that there is such a thing as a "God-shaped vacuum", when in reality, it doesn't exist.

A friend of mine once suggest that God is a kind of parent substitute, who loves us, teaches us, takes care of us, and so on. It certainly is a comforting thought, if it was true.

However, if you go into the details of the usual suspects -- the Jewish and Christian and Islamic God concepts -- you end up deciding (as I did) that you practically have to redefine the word to make much sense if it, even as a competent parent figure. At that point, you may as well drop the idea altogether, since you are no longer using the word "God" as most people understand it.
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