New Beginnings, Starting Anew...
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08-12-2012, 10:44 PM
RE: New Beginnings, Starting Anew...
(08-12-2012 04:43 PM)cheapthrillseaker Wrote:  
(08-12-2012 02:38 PM)Chas Wrote:  I have lived in Montreal, Toronto, and Kitchener/Waterloo. One of my sisters lives in Guelph, another on the island of Montreal, cousins in rural Ontario, Vancouver, Halifax, Metro Toronto, some in NB.
They are all good places to live, but it depends what you're looking for.
Thanks for the bomb, Chas. What am I looking for?

There are a few of things I'm looking for:

(1) is already covered; a place other than the city I'm in, but who doesn't love filler
(2) a place where I can get to the country pretty easily/city pretty easily
(3) a location that's not BOOM in the downtown core
(4) somewhere that isn't considered a place where people go to when they're told they have six months to live
(5) somewhere I can get better internet than dialup (I'd go insane without my internetz, even though it hates me atm)
OK, you might like southern Ontario; London, Stratford, Guelph, and so on.

Many (most?) Canadian cities have pleasant residential areas close to the city core. I lived a block from High Park in T.O. minutes from downtown, but with nature near at hand.

In Montreal, Parc Mont Royal is surrounded with residential areas, overlooking downtown.

And Halifax fits the bill, too. St. John? Moncton? Fredericton?

I like university towns, myself.

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