New Buddy Christ pringles; 100% more taste, 100% less mod power
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11-01-2013, 05:42 PM
New Buddy Christ pringles; 100% more taste, 100% less mod power
-I write this after traveling 1400 miles, seeing friends and family, finally opening my Christmas presents, and am now finally back home smoking some plants. So it's not a confrontational attitude, but rather a smiling "oh you guys" type demeanor-

So I've returned to the site after a little vacation and just want to do a quick update. My martyrdom is truly in full swing.

My mod powers have been stripped, I have been publicly dressed in rainbow attire for all to mock, I have been branded "the rogue moderator," and my member title has been vandalized.

The crucifixion is complete.

[Image: crucify-4.jpg&sa=X&ei=YZ...EI13tRj3PA]

But I am back where I belong; with the people. Which is fine. I am infinitely better at being the voice of the people rather than the voice that tells the people to shut up and that their opinions are "being taken into consideration." I mean the only reason I was made moderator was so that Stark, Observer, Lilith, and I could sit around the mod fire, smoking mod grass, and talk about how great it is to only have 100 or so members to worry about (this was back before the Like and the Rep system... back when Windows 3.1 was "that magical new thing" ...well maybe not that far back).

There does seem to be an Animal Farm type takeover happening with the forum powers. Napoleon and his dogs seem to have run off Snowball and Boxer while the rest have mysteriously died off. Eventually all the rules will disappear when no one is looking and be replaced with "The Forum Team is All That Matters" written in bold.

I still maintain that this forum is TheThinkingAtheist, not TheThinkingSocialExperimentforFutureGovernmentsAdheringOnlyToTheFirstAmendment. Atheists come out to their parents, become disowned and ostracized, then come here in a vulnerable state looking for comfort from other atheists... only to be told to "respect the free speech" of the hate-mongering asshole he specifically came here to escape. We have turned this bastion of escape for new atheists into an online experiment to see how far a person can push the boundaries of free speech before being punished.

I am also grateful for all the support. The members who fought to their last breath and died swinging their swords (HoC) for my cause. And for all the messages in my Inbox (there were 12 of them) thanking me for doing what they secretly wished would be done.

I say all this without emotion. What's done is done. I'm starting another book and have a ton of threads I want to start to discuss different topics, but this place still appears to be recovering. So I will pop back in when the flames are extinguished and the rebuilding process has begun.

"Ain't got no last words to say, yellow streak right up my spine. The gun in my mouth was real and the taste blew my mind."

"We see you cry. We turn your head. Then we slap your face. We see you try. We see you fail. Some things never change."
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