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Today, 04:46 AM
New Guy
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum here and thought I would tell you a little bit about myself before I jumped in and started posting.

I'm 33 years old and from the beautiful pacific northwest. I was raised in a semi-religious family (my parents identify as Christian, but aren't serious about it, nor do they attend church), and started attending church on my own when I was about 13. I was raised to think critically and skeptically, however, like so many others, I failed to turn that critical eye on my faith.

I began my apostasy about a year ago, when I began to grow tired of my faith being mocked (yes mockery is a valid form of argument, and I am evidence of its ability to help change minds). I always convinced myself that people weren't actually making fun of my religious beliefs, they were making fun of a misrepresentation of my beliefs (a strawman). This thought caused me to reexamine the bible with a more critical eye, in an effort to better defend my faith, and like so many others, it had the opposite effect.

Reaching the conclusion of atheism, and deciding to try to live an evidence based life, seeking real truth rather than desired truth, has been a completely liberating and uplifting experience for me. I've found my life has more meaning and less worry than when I was a believer.

I've always enjoyed lively discussion and debate, and have spend quite a bit of time debating and arguing in the hallowed halls of youtube. While it often feels somewhat pointless, I find that it has helped me hone my debating skills, and I have learned a ton of valuable information while researching evidence for my responses.

I look forward to joining this community, as I try to find my voice and my place in the atheist "movement" (for lack of a better term).

See you around the forums.
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