New Hampshire Debate
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14-06-2011, 09:15 PM
New Hampshire Debate
Well. Did anyone bother to watch it? Perhaps some of you are republicans. I was interested to see what Mr. Cain would say. [Sure, I'll admit. I thought it would be badass to have an angry black guy we could call "President Cain". I mean, who would mess with that guy? ]

Anyway. Standard issue stuff. Smaller government. America is the greatest and we stand up for Americans. We wont entangle ourselves in any other country. We will help business. Muslims arnt to be trusted. Gays are people and deserve rights, just not all rights, we just dont want to say it like that. Faith plays a strong role in my policy and guides my moral decisions. I'm a family man/woman. No real deviations on their stances.

If anyone watched it, did you see a candidate that sparked your interested?
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