New Infatuation w/ Ghost Peppers
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30-09-2013, 07:49 PM
RE: New Infatuation w/ Ghost Peppers
Ghosties are great...expecially if you know/learn how to cook with them. I grow...from the ghost pepper, and even hotter, like trinidad scorpion, and morouga scorpion. I love the crazy heat, and unique flavor. And...there are ways to cook with them that take some of the heat out to give the mortals a taste of something unlike anything they have tried.

I Am...Scotch Bonnets are very similar to habaneros, but they have a much more fruity taste...very citrus-like...and they are often a touch hetter than habs. Their flavor is incredibly unique...there's a hot sauce maker called "Grace" (lol on TTA forum) and they make a bonnet sauce. I buy a case at a time...the stuff is amazing, and as close as you can get to eating pure bonnets.

Let your anger be as a monkey in a piƱata...hiding amongst the candy...hoping the kids don't break through with the stick!

---Master Tang---
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