New Insight Into the Evo of Human Speech
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09-09-2012, 02:03 PM
RE: New Insight Into the Evo of Human Speech
I don't take much stock in the drug theories. Though interesting, there are other more natural explanations for the origin of language.

Quote: Stirling study into chimps reveals human link

CHIMPANZEES could communicate with as many as ten of the same gestures used by humans, a study conducted by the University of Stirling has found.

Locally-based postgraduate researcher, Dr Anna Roberts, identified between 20 and 30 manual gestures used by a community of wild chimpanzees, which they used for a range of activities – including nursing, feeding, sex, aggression and defence.

This is by no means new for anyone who has read up on the subject, but it is still neat. I didn't notice this when it came out in July. I'm in the process of getting the paper now.
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