New Member. I married a Born Again
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22-02-2011, 04:13 PM
New Member. I married a Born Again
Hello TTA and members,
I have watched all the TTA videos and must say you do a wonderful job. I look forward to many more podcasts in the near future. My favorite episode is when you had Darkmatter2525, BionicGirl and Evid3nc3 on. Keep up the great work!

I am currently going through a divorce with my wife that i have been married to for almost 1 year now. We dated for a short period of time (6 months) and knew of her Born Again Christian family. When we first dated she was a wreck. She lost her faith in God after her mental breakdown from her first marriage of 12 years to another born again that abused her mentally and physically. She knew of me having Atheistic views, etc. We often, sometimes, disagreed, but that never interferred with our true love for each other. She was a confused alcoholic as first, i helped her to stop drinking and become a better person in life. She was a free being after a couple months of us dating. It was a night and day difference. Than i found out her parents, which are pastors of their church, started preaching to her that she's walking the wrong path with satan (me). They were degrading me and her all the time. Her parents never got a chance to know who i was as a person. They stamped me being a Atheist. I try to stand up for her as she was always brainwashed never to disrespect her parents... ever! She basically got caught in the middle and that guilt eventually broke her down again. I decided to tell my story on Youtube. It's not complete but there are 5-6 parts so far. I am looking for answers why she is like this, confused when i know she loved me so much, told me i was the only one who cared for her and her feelings. Please feel free to ask questions or post replies here. Thanks for veiwing and look forward to many discussion on TTA forums.
PS You can search for me by Livelife8072 on Youtube to hear my story.

Live life, cause you only have one!Youtuber:
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New Member. I married a Born Again - Livelife8072 - 22-02-2011 04:13 PM
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