New member from California
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29-11-2017, 12:58 PM
RE: New member from California
(25-11-2017 12:13 PM)Tennpenn83 Wrote:  
(25-11-2017 11:12 AM)dancefortwo Wrote:  I just wanted to mention a little more about my California connections. I'm a 5th generation California which is highly unusual in a state whose population mostly moved there after WWII. My great, great grandfather was the first superintendent of schools in the state back in 1860. He organized the first school board membership but even so he frequently didn't see eye to eye with them and they'd step outside to settle their differences in a round of fisticuffs. Beat_stick

My other great great grandfather managed the Wells Fargo mail wagon that went around the Bay Area and was also the owner of a hotel in which several ladies of the night plied their trade.

But what I really wanted to say was this. When my husband, whom I met in Los Angeles, took me back to his home in South Carolina to meet his family, he had some very religious aunts who were convinced that because I was from California I was certainly a heathen and constantly ran around half naked in a string bikini and slept with any man who gave me a second look. Hahaha. These aunts are still alive and STILL think I'm that wonton woman from California. Laugh out load

That's pretty interesting! I am not from California, and it seems most people I know out here are also not from here. Wherever I live, though, I enjoy reading about the history of the area and local stories.

I grew up in Ohio, which, for people out here, automatically makes me a far-right religious conservative. I am not. I like middle-of-the-road logically thought out politics, and most definitely no longer religious.

As a Texan who lived in SoCal for two+ decades, right-wing conservatism/racism was automatically assumed to be my default setting. Made for some interesting conversations ...
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30-11-2017, 02:33 PM
RE: New member from California
Sorry, I've been absent due to the holiday. Life is busy with work and family right now.

Thanks for the welcome!
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