New organ grown from stem cells.
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17-07-2011, 05:47 PM
RE: New organ grown from stem cells.
(17-07-2011 12:13 PM)theophilus Wrote:  
(15-07-2011 10:45 PM)Cdf50 Wrote:  Embryonic stem cells are always more efficient than adult stem cells. When adult stem cells are used, basically, extra money and time is spent into trying to make the stem cell the same as an embryonic one, and it doesn't always work.
What is your souce for this information? I've never heard of this before.
How is it that you don't even understand how adult stem cells are harvested and used yet you think you are qualified to object to embryonic stem cell research?

I hope you know the difference between 'research' and 'therapy'.

You do have one concept down - yes if you use cells from another person there is a risk of rejection. That is beside the point. Embryonic cells are studied and from that research we learned about adult stem cells. We learned how to find the adult cells and learned which genes need to be activated to make them like embryonic cells. We also learn how to coax them to specialize and create different cell types.

That's why opposing embryonic research is stupid. Without understanding embryonic cells how are you going to know how to use the adult stem cells?

(17-07-2011 12:13 PM)theophilus Wrote:  
Quote:Opposing embryonic stem cell research is stupid. Unless you're also opposed to any and all birth control, then at least you're not a hypocrite. Still stupid though.
What does the use of embryonic cells have to do with birth control?

Why do Christians oppose embyonic stem cell research? Don't those arguements sound similar to the anti-abortion arguments?

I think in this case its really taken to extremes though. It's just a tray of cells... Where is the soul? Huh

“Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born.” - Lawrence M. Krauss
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