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24-04-2011, 11:45 PM
New to The Thinking Atheist website
Hi everyone i just signed up to the thinking atheist site and im really happy about it
im sure i will meet people that believe reality other than storys

Im From texas my family is religions they now im a atheist there ok with it but they always tell me i should believe in a higher power (i just smile and give them a thumps up lol) this is just me but i dont want to argue on my and there believes thats why i always give a thumps up and shut up since i have found its useless when it comes to arguing ...My other family members in Mexico dont know im a atheist but i know they will freak since some of them are really Catholic and they go to church alot and pray alot .... I only meet another Atheist and he is from work he is so cool and we can talk about everything ... and talking about work and what i have seen so far it does not matter what a person belives in they are treated Ok but when someone nows someone is a atheist they are treated really different like a reject or like a demon (lmao ) but that is when equality changes ..

Thats all i got to say right now
AKA deathscythen
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