Newbie Atheist
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30-03-2015, 05:45 PM
RE: Newbie Atheist
(30-03-2015 05:29 PM)Alex K Wrote:  
(30-03-2015 05:24 PM)kristenkjordan Wrote:  I want to say yes because otherwise they'd just be wearing robes, right? lol. And isn't there something about cutting your hair or beard? Consider

Yup. They're Doooooooomed!

I did ask them both if there was a time before they became "saved" if they ever even believed in god. She wrote back saying something about ignoring god while she let herself become lost. He said he used to hate the bible and was pretty much an atheist at one point. To which I said, "Well, isn't denying the holy ghost the one unforgivable sin?"

I don't really remember the response, but it was pretty much some usual obscure exception bullshit.

We are eternal beings. Endings are not in our destiny.
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