No Shit Charlotte......
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24-09-2016, 07:54 AM
RE: No Shit Charlotte......
(23-09-2016 03:52 PM)onlinebiker Wrote:  You can' t just line looters up and shoot them.....

Most won't stop a bullet....we might see collateral damage...

However - I can see an NJP sort of trial - and stretching some rope..... Let em hang for a while..... Wannabe looters might think twice......

Better yet - don't be a looting cunt and we won't need such drastic measures

Why stop there?

[Image: real_dracula_woodcut.jpg]

... you fuckin' pansy....

Don't let those gnomes and their illusions get you down. They're just gnomes and illusions.

--Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Alouette, je te plumerai.
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