No need to wait for a Mormon to give away body armor
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11-10-2014, 06:20 PM
No need to wait for a Mormon to give away body armor
This is actually my first post here, though I've listened to most shows for 3 or 4 years.

I had to catch up on the "Angry Atheist' episode and did earlier today.

Sometime into it, one of the callers "John" I'm thinking, and Seth pondered the scary thought of a Mormon close to 'the button', then John remarked that he might even do something crazy like give away troops body armor.

Did I miss an episode where someone discussed the give away that actually did happen? Or is it not common knowledge?

I post on this often @SpaceCheef on twitter because it is one of those things that makes me a particularly pissed off atheist.

The bastard faux Christians in the GOP literally bribed minor allies into to joining the 'coalition of the willing', etc. with our own troops gear. The gear included over 50,000 sets of body armor, night vision goggles, boots (which became a shortage issue) and more.

Meanwhile, panicked families stateside rushed to buy - from their own money - commercial, often inferior body armor to send to their loved ones.

It was established by the Pentagon in 2006 that 80% of all deaths (hundreds - 1300+ all services) from small arms & shrapnel to the upper torso would have been prevented had the soldier been issued the missing body armor.

Sounds bold - but here are several sources. from their own beloved Fox News site obviously, they ignored that commander on the ground...
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