No religion? So you are a _______?
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06-01-2013, 12:56 PM
RE: No religion? So you are a _______?
No it doesn't get you killed here in the south, but it does get you eyed with suspicion and pity and can have consequences on the job and in personal life. People view you as said above, as the devil or his minion no matter if you live a better moral life than they do. So you get this look and ppl asking why you're angry, strident, etc., even if you're not. Of course you get angry being treated like this. You are left out of some things, expected to look the other way when ppl pray over meals even in professional settings, and where I live, an openly atheistic person can't get elected dog catcher. You can forget politics. In some places it could cost you promotions. It has not cost me promotions thus far because I'm not open about it and generally we aren't supposed to discuss this stuff at work anyhow. But they can still pray over lunch with impunity. Wonder what would happen if I objected when lunching or dining with consultants and coworkers? Though law is on my side, I'm sure I'd suffer consequences.

Godless in the Magnolia State
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