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01-05-2010, 12:06 PM
RE: No religion
Fair enough. I will approach it differently. Or, in the very least, re-word things so you can better undersrtand what I am saying. (Sometimes my choice in words seems to lead people to false assumptions. Definitely not a writer)...

Paranoid and transparent were both words used to describe the things you wrote, not to describe your character. (Though I do believe it is a possibility that your writings are, indeed, a reflection of your character). Paranoid describes the impression your website gives, and transparent describes the excessive description of what you do with your income. Or rather, describes the impression that description gives. That one could very well be me misunderstanding the purpose of you listing what you use your income for, so perhaps you could explain why you felt that nescessary?

"True, the only thing you positively know about me is a number. Therefore, is it not very foolish on your part to speculate about anything else concerning me?"

Correction: I don't POSITIVELY know anything about you. Including the number in question. It is not, however, foolish for me to speculate about you, using the information I have. It is perfectly normal. It's also speculation, and given more information with which to speculate, my opinions may change. You see, for me, its not a bad thing to change my opinion given more evidence. Right now, the information I have is the things you have written. Its all I have, and therefore all I can develop an opinion from. Is there anything more you could share that would help me better understand you? I would very much like to hear it, and will gladly, and humbly change my opinion if warranted.

Just for clarification: I don't have a problem with you or anyone else having a high IQ. I have a problem with giving a high IQ more importance than it deserves. I also don't buy your explaination, "The only reason I dropped my IQ, was the fact that Martin was in danger of believing he was talking to someone who couldn't think coherently." The best way to show Martin he was talking to someone who could think coherently would be to express some coherent thoughts. (Not saying that you didn't, just saying that "dropping your IQ" is not nearly as convincing as showing your intellegence through conversation). Sharing with Martin (as well as the rest of the forum, by default) your IQ is nothing more than bragging. (Just in case you become confused again, I will clarify; I am not saying you are a braggart, but instead saying that telling a forum of strangers that you have an IQ of 181 as soon as the opportunity presents itself is bragging.) Was there a deeper purpose for sharing this information that I am missing? Please do share.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion.

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01-05-2010, 12:23 PM
RE: No religion
"And yes, you are misreading it, as many a person has done."

If it is written in such a manner, so that many individuals come to a similar conclusion, "Your website reads as if you think the whole world is out to get you." then perhaps it is due to the choice of words used; as opposed to a continuous misinterpretation.

"Anyhow, the point wanted to make by mentioning my IQ again to Green was simply: I have told (and am telling) the truth. It's not my fault if some people here have a problem with it."

I believe the reason that Green was so skeptical, was simply due to the very low probability of encountering someone of your IQ. Possessing an IQ of of 181 would easily put you in the upper portion of the highest percentage of humanity, in regards to raw intelligence; as determined from a test designed to measure such. Also, connecting ones IQ, with the ability to support oneself and ones immediate family, through playing an instrument, is likely flawed reasoning; as evidenced by the innumerable musicians who support themselves in similar fashion, and whom undoubtedly do not possess such a high IQ.

Lastly, mostly because I find it funny: as the internet saying goes, 'pictures or it didn't happen'. ^_^
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01-05-2010, 02:05 PM
RE: No religion
(01-05-2010 01:27 AM)panflutejedi Wrote:  Would it be a stretch to state that I have as much a right as any other to resent being branded a liar? Or having my posts replied to in such a manner as to obliquely suggest that I am an undesired troublemaker?

I didn't call you a troublemaker nor a lair, and I am apologizing for myself and myself only. If someone else feels the need, they can do it themselves. You do have a right to be offended, but acknowledge the fact that I am attempting to make peace. I'm sorry I called you pompous, but that seems like such a silly thing to hold a grudge about. It just seems such a shame we got off on the wrong foot.

(01-05-2010 01:27 AM)panflutejedi Wrote:  The ironies one encounters in life are indeed astounding. Here I have a forum of rational people, with a prominent member of said forum proclaiming something as basic to rationality as the quantification of intelligence, to be a moot point.

I'm sorry that I'm not terribly interested in your life, but I don't care how smart you are, and if you significantly more rational than other? I don't care. If you have some point to make, then I might take an interest in that, but your IQ, regardless of how relevant it is to real life, I don't care about. Sorry for the lack of interest, but it's true. I see it sort of like bragging about your GPA to prove that you are knowledgeable. I'd rather just hear you talk about what you know when appropriate.

(01-05-2010 01:27 AM)panflutejedi Wrote:  Where was the point of "acceptable" maximum escalation for said conversation, I wonder? Ah yes, silly me, I forgot.......the point where comfort ends, and untrammeled examination begins. That's how it usually works.

No, it's not when the comfort ends, it's when it has simply dragged on for too long. I don't like spending too much time talking about something that doesn't have a real outcome. It's like spending more than ten minutes arguing how much of a pretty color purple is. It's pointless, worthless, and a waste of time. I'd much rather discuss something that is relevant to life with you.

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