Non-deist religions
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25-10-2013, 08:47 AM
Non-deist religions
Dear all,

As we all know, the hallmark of religion is to believe in the absolute truth of a specific answer without the need for proper evidence. The connection to that "truth" is often hardwired by the involvement of emotions like love, hate, fear, promise, contempt, condolence, etc.

The success of religion is based on the early on indoctrination of children by telling them what to think, feel and how to react to certain topics and circumstances. In addition, religion is further enforced by the collective pursuit of the same belief, creating a sense of affiliation and confirmation. There are, of course, other factors that I will not mention here.

Atheists have proven that they are able to think freely and critically, at least on religious matters. However, this does not guarantee that we can apply the same ability on other matters of life. The point I want to make is to draw a parallel between religion and other areas of life that affect and manipulate us just as much.

There are certain areas in our lives that we show firm belief in, do not consider questioning on our own and hysterically protect when criticized. A very fine example for this is information obtained from media. Many will agree (I hope), that take-home massages provided by mainstream media channels often serve manipulative purposes and contain, if any, very little truth. The danger, however, is not only purposeful misinformation, but the fact that a majority of people accept media given reports without questioning. Media has turned into a religion: it is based on authority, inspires blind belief and benefits from contempt, hate, fear, promise etc.

All I want is to raise our awareness that not only deistic religions pose a threat to humanity, but new-made religions as well. Among them, I find, is:
- political (pre-)conceptions of our own and/or other societies
- single-sided history, as we learn it at school and want to accept it
- systems in place, in particular capitalism
because often we clutch to our current understanding of those things and are unwilling to question or to tolerate criticism.

As with religion, we have to be able to think freely about any subject there is. I hope we can discuss on this. And if you think there are other religions in our lives that people might be unaware of, please share them with us, so we can eventually rid ourselves of unreasonable affection.

Fun "paradox": The higher the selection pressure, the slower evolution takes place.
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