Noob from Arkansas
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19-09-2011, 05:14 PM
Noob from Arkansas
Hello my name is Michael. I live in Maumelle Arkansas, I came out Publicly last year in July publicly as a Atheist. ever since then I have lost Youtube subscribers from my channel and have gotten alot flack from my family . As far as being accused of being a devil worshiper. ( uh that would mean i would have to believe in a god to be one of those.) and alot of denial of me being a Atheist from family saying that i am just backslidden. <---- that one gets on my nerves alot. I started not believing in god when i was 10 and having the guilt B/c the bible teachings at church just sounded dumb . that and the nightmares i had prior of dreaming that i woke up and was seeing on TV a list of ppl that were going to hell and there was my name. Also seeing my younger brother publicly admitting that he was a Atheist when he was 15 and seeing him getting the hell beat out of him by our grandfather terrorized me so i kept silent till after my 36th birthday. my in laws whom are hard boiled southern Baptists have stated that my severe adult ADD is god's punishment for rejecting him.

I apolgise for my poor sentience structure.
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19-09-2011, 07:45 PM
RE: Noob from Arkansas
Welcome to the Forum, Michael.

You are among people who understand and care. We also use our brain to cope with the world, not the hate-filled teachings of mean and stupid people. Look around, take your time, find topics that interest you and don't be shy to ask questions.

We are here to help.

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20-09-2011, 09:24 AM
RE: Noob from Arkansas
Welcome and I hope you find this place to be as welcoming and safe to be who you are as I did! Big Grin

"It does feel like something to be wrong; it feels like being right." -Kathryn Schulz
I am 100% certain that I am wrong about something I am certain about right now. Because even if everything I stand for turns out to be completely true, I was still wrong about being wrong.
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20-09-2011, 09:43 AM
RE: Noob from Arkansas

I kid, I kid. I was asked by my own mother if I believed in the Devil. I am also from the south so I understand, at least in part, what you are dealing with. The biggest issue is that your family does not really know what atheist means. If my beliefs were stated to my family as "none" or an "unbeliever" they would have probably reacted differently. But atheist is like the word pagan to them, it no longer means what they think it means.
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