North Carolina atheists exist, too
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30-01-2013, 12:42 PM
RE: North Carolina atheists exist, too
(30-01-2013 12:08 PM)Aseptic Skeptic Wrote:  Welcome.

Hey, there have been some news items lately about how the US military is shoving religion onto the servicemen. I'm wondering, are you still in the military and do you have any relevant insider experiences with your the army and whether they did or didn't force religion onto you?

It varies by unit. According to the roster, I am one of two open atheists in my unit of 1,000+ soldiers. My chaplain and fellow soldiers have been very respectful of my non-belief, and I am very respectful of their beliefs. They tend to get preachy around certain issues. My best friend killed himself in Iraq and we had the typical follow up sessions about coping with suicide. The chaplain is responsible to lead these events and he did a pretty good job of not involving God. Most people in the Army get it. The ones that don't are not really as prevalent as they are made out to be.

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