Not bitter
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08-10-2012, 03:15 AM
Not bitter
I am not bitter about my ex-faith. I didn't lose it because of a trauma or because someone wasn't nice to me. I didn't leave it in anger or due to a fight.
I said, previously, that I took a lot from it that I can still use to this day, and I learnt a lot of valuable things.

I learnt about the use and dangers of different herbs and roots for teas and about plants in general. And I am truly sorry for those people who do not know about these herbs because they are easier on you, and they are not made in a laboratory. And the herbs are not that expensive if you actually think about it, they are cheaper but work just as well. Not saying I can heal cancer or HIV with it them, but for common things they are great, Bronchities, pneumonia, sours, fever, problems urinating, a cold, smaller infections, and many more.
When I lived in a shared place, my roommate and I both got Pneumonia at the same time (from a visitor). We both have Asthma so naturally it was really bad, we both had to stay in bed. I made myself a tea out of herbs and offered it to her as well. She drank one sip and told me that it tastes horrible, never touched it again. I had 5 cups a day and 3 days later I was well enough to work again (no running around or exhausting of course) while she was still in bed for 5 more days. These teas do not have to taste well, I told her that, they are medicine.
I used to have a doctor with exactly my approach, and it was a really good doctor. He told me a specific tea and 4 days later I was well. Sure, not for the really bad things, but just making a point here. It is not like this stuff is not serious. I had various doctors telling me to drink specific teas for specific things and it has always worked. Medicine does not have to be in form of a pill or drops.

2. I learnt about true respect. I have not met even one person in these circles that was not respectful. I am talking respect on all levels. Respect towards nature, respect towards all living creatures, respect towards other people's believes. Never has anyone been discrimnated or hated for their believes. I myself was pretty out of the line, not believing in the Gods, and it was respected. I rarely saw people fighting about their religious views, because normally everyone knew that witchcraft has too many branches to fight about it. Live and let live was basically a motto in the community and I loved it. When I left, I realized that not everyone is that way and it was like being punched in the face. All the ignorance and egoism out there, that I hated and had locked out of my religious bubble for a long time. Inside the community you get help, you always have someone to talk. A lot went online but most of the time you would actually exchange phone numbers, visit each other, help out with things. I remember once, I was in a chat room where I used to hang out, just mentioning that I had not money to get a new Asthma-Spray. So another witch, who knew me only from the chat, offered to send me some cash for it in an envelope and her bankdetails for me to transfer it back when I have money again. And we did that. That was trust and friendship that I have not found a lot on this planet.

3. Talking about respect. It was, as mentioned, also respect towards nature and every living thing. Every living thing includes plants, just saying. So yeah, you would use things that you need, but you would be thankful for it, and you would not slaughter an animal inhumanely. I personally paid attention where the meat I am eating is coming from because I did not want to help the companies that don't care about the animals they breed for food. I chose those I knew would kill the animal fast, not stress them more than nessasary, those who had the animals on floor, and not in wired boxes. Yes, it is a bit more expensive but it is humane and should receive the money so it can become a common practice and cheaper with time. Also for plants, to not just rip them out when I please, let the flowers in the garden, let the leaves on the trees. Not to litter. To keep you trash when you are hiking and find a bin or bring it home and throw it then. it seems so rational but so many people litter. From throwing the cigarette stump on the ground outside, to throwing you empty bottle on the ground in a forest. These things still bother me so much and make me so angry (mentioned that here). Respecting every living thing will for sure be a value that I will teach my kids as well. It is so important nowadays.

So no, I am not bitter. I left because logic took over. I started questioning why and how things are supposed to work. And the more I looked and searched, the more I found out that most stuff is only psychological, not supernatural. Most things, all the rituals, the candle lighting, the incense, the mindstuff, was and still is pure psychologic. It all gives you this sense of security and being special and having a gift that you mastered, when for real you just learnt something by heart and apply some riddiculus rules that make no sense whatsoever.
You got explanations for everything but nothing had a real foundation, no proof. Like how would you move something just by thinking at it > your thoughts are energy, if you bundle it and direct it you can move things because everything between you and the object is energy as well. It makes not fucking sense but it sounds so scientific that you just believe it until you research it.
Many things like that led me to dropping the believe piece by piece, but I have not been bitter, angry. I just felt weird and insecure, I was already depressed at that time, and this didn't help at all. BUT I got over it, and still no sign of anger or bitterness from my side. Not saying it was all flowers and butterflies and sunshine. Just like in every other religion there was a big fear factor and the knowledge that something will come after your death (here reincarnation) and even reincarnation had a fear factor to it just like hell in christianity.
But I was not unhappy in my faith (just like that new JW guy). I was very happy with it, and the more I learnt about it, the happier I felt, for connecting all my puzzle pieces. I even started a business, a small shop with hand made articles for witchcraft and such things.
Just that logic came in the way... I don't think I am still really mourning. I just see how many people report about them leaving faith, and how bitter they often are, how angry at the religion itself.

By now I am pretty anti religion, but not out of anger or frustration. I just think the world would be better off without it alltogether, because it causes too much trouble, too much fight and war and greed. This planet would be a lot more pieceful if religion would vanish > not be banned. Banning it makes no sense, because then it becomes an underground movement, and that can be very dangerous. But I hope that the human race will grow out of it at some point. I won't live anymore and it may take 1000 years but they might, and that will be great!

I try to have a positive attitute, you see. Towards my ex-faith as well as towards everything else. No bitterness, I am trying Smile

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