Not feeling...anything
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19-11-2015, 12:39 PM
RE: Not feeling...anything
(18-11-2015 07:38 AM)Banjo Wrote:  
(18-11-2015 07:24 AM)Free Thought Wrote:  And some people have disorders like depression.

The problem is that while it is true that it is best not to waste the one life you have on negativity, some don't make that choice and telling people who don't to suck it up doesn't help.
I don't want to hijack Krispy's thread, but let me tell you that I sure as hell don't chose it. I've spent years trying to flip the 'happy' switch in my brain on and despite years of trying the only thing I've gotten for it is a voice that rings in the back of my mind telling me that I don't have any real problems, that I'm just a weak, pathetic little bitch that needs to grow a pair or throw in the towel.

That's the best life has taught me. Suck it up or die. I live by that creed daily. And it seems to work.

Mate seriously, I've been on my own since 1972. Life has taught me some things. Most of which Life is tough. The weak go under and the strong survive. I have seen many friends die. Some from drugs and other variations of the same.

There was this beautiful girl.... Died of a heroin overdoes. So young and gorgeous and full of life. I'll never forget her bawling father on the phone to me...

You don't like the benefit of my real life experience? You're at uni right? Just wait, life is out there, and it is waiting for you too. Tongue

Prepare yourself. It's no ticket to ride. (shameless Beatles pun)

Shit happens more often than not my friend. Depression? Live in a Brotherhood bin for two months, and live by stealing cans of tuna. That's depression!

Dafuq, 5-String? You apparently know nothing of clinical depression. It is obvious you have a corner on situational hard times...that is not the same as depression. Yeah, from what I've seen of your posts, you've had your share of tough times. A person who suffers from clinical depression doesn't necessarily have "tough times." What they do have is a chemical imbalance in their brain. Their brains don't process serotonin and dopamine the way maybe yours does. Eating tuna out of a dumpster is something that you can get your buddy to kick you in the balls to change your circumstances. A chemical imbalance is treated with talk therapy and medications. Unless you're qualified to give that sort of treatment to Mr. Krispy, you for sure should 100% shut the fuck up about what he should and shouldn't do. He posted in the Health and Psychology thread because his health and psychology are at issue. If you don't like that, then take your whiny ass to the ranting thread and rant about that.
Drinking Beverage

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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