Noteable Interactions With Theists.
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14-01-2013, 11:03 AM
RE: Noteable Interactions With Theists.
My most notable interaction with a theist occurred in 1982 when I was a sophomore. A traveling “sidewalk preacher” who was about my age showed up in the open-air commons in front of the student center one warm spring morning and started preaching “Hell, Fire and Brimstone” according to the Bible. According to this guy, Jews, Gays, Muslims, Mormons, Buddists, Hindus and their sympathizers were going straight to hell unless they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This guy made the “Westboro Baptist” bunch look like the glee club – he was light-years more hard-core.

It was damned entertaining, so I ran back to the dorm, smoked a joint, and ran back to hear more. I figured if he sounded crazy while I was straight, he would be “out-of this world” when I was high. He was! He was just that good.

Around lunch time the crowd watching the preacher got pretty big, and started to get pretty ugly. It seems that the vast majority of the crowd, even though they were Christian, took grave exception to the Preacher’s literal interpretation of their book of “Dogma”. Soon, threats were yelled, cans of soft drinks hurled, and offers to fist-fight the Preacher issued. Thank goodness some big guys (fellow students) with some cool heads stepped in to protect the preacher.

Well…even though the crowd numbered about 300 by now, the preacher decided it was best to leave for awhile and let things cool, and as he was leaving the crown burst into cheers in celebration of his forced departure.

I was pissed. These faux Christians had ruined a good high, so I decided to get them back. There was a large crowd behind me cheering, so I turned around and shouted, “Why is everyone cheering?” In response, a young woman said something to the effect, “Because his preaching was obnoxious and we’re glad to see him go”. To this I answered, “Yeah, I agree that the guy was obnoxious, but can anyone tell me anything – anything – that he said which contradicted the Bible?” I got nothing in answer but 50 Blank Stares. Oh Yeah...welcome to the reality of your Holy Book!
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