Now I become death...the destroyer of worlds
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18-12-2013, 07:37 PM
RE: Now I become death...the destroyer of worlds
(18-12-2013 01:55 PM)Heywood Jahblome Wrote:  
(18-12-2013 04:57 AM)Free Thought Wrote:  Nope.

Simply because species or populations have been wiped out, that does not mean biodiversity has been destroyed. In fact, in a way it promotes biodiversity through succession; other more opportunistic species move into fill gaps created by the loss of another due to the new instability, which will themselves eventually be replaced by or themselves become more stable creatures within the community, effectively causing maintenance of the diversity through replacement.
Granted this occurs a tad faster in plants and fungi (the initial succession that is) than animals but the principal remains the same.
If you need an example of this, think fires; after particularly devastating brush and forest fires you will often find not only entirely new generations of the old trees but also you'll often find entirely new undergrowth appearing and replacing what used to be there because they are more opportunistic species and they capitalise on the newly cleared space, animals do this too, effectively reconstructing the community previously present, but with altered diversity of species.

A quick googling of the phrase, "biodiversity decline" will show you that you are wrong.

As far as the examples you asked for, I have provided one will just have to dig it out of this thread.

Ecological succession, Heywood. When a community is destroyed or disrupted, succession takes place and it is replaced by other life with increasing biodiversity over time. It is by that process that forests regrow after fires render the planets and animals to ask and husks, and plains grow after floods.
The vast majority of all species which ever lived has been eradicated by Earth and other natural forces even before humanity began to play with fire or even existed and yet, look at the state of things now; biodiversity is still very much existent as is really under no threat of total destruction.
Changes necessitate evolution; those species which do not change die off and those that do evolve succeed them and take their new place in the community in which they both lived and biodiversity begins it's steady climb up as stability is reasserted and new species are introduced.

We humans may be responsible for an extreme amount of death on Earth, but lets not kid ourselves here. Humanity is far from the worst thing and historically low on the list of things which pretty much wreaked Earth and eradicated most of it's species and diversity. On that side of things we are competing against asteroids, climactic shifts, super volcanoes and tectonic power. We don't really even rate on the "Fucking up the planet's life-forms" scale, man. Point being: worse things have happened and evolution has kept working on keeping species have kept coming.

The people closely associated with the namesake of female canines are suffering from a nondescript form of lunacy.
"Anti-environmentalism is like standing in front of a forest and going 'quick kill them they're coming right for us!'" - Jake Farr-Wharton, The Imaginary Friend Show.
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20-12-2013, 03:22 AM
RE: Now I become death...the destroyer of worlds
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