Obamacare vs the Affordable Care Act. Which will win?
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24-12-2014, 05:17 AM (This post was last modified: 24-12-2014 08:51 AM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: Obamacare vs the Affordable Care Act. Which will win?
(24-12-2014 05:02 AM)sana5500 Wrote:  What is the benefit of Obama care to the nation?

It prevents insurance companies from denying benefits or coverage for preexisting conditions. It also helps to subsidize the cost of coverage and also mandates a minimum level of coverage, so that people can no longer be scammed by insurance 'plans' that never actually pay out (so called 'prescription plans', that costs $50 a month and have a maximum monthly payout of $50, are scams and not legal under the ACA). This has allowed millions of American to now have coverage who otherwise would be unable to afford it, allowing them to get access to regular preventative care and checkups; which drastically cuts down on things like emergency room visits and unpaid hospital bills.

We all subsidize healthcare for the uninsured. We can either be pro-active and ensure more people have insurance and get regular preventive care to catch problems early (generally when they're cheaper too). Or we can be regressive and deny them healthcare, ruin their lives with medical debt, and have the cost of their treatment passed onto everyone else anyways in the form of more expensive premiums and hospital visits.

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