Obesity & Junk Food
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24-09-2015, 05:10 PM
RE: Obesity & Junk Food
I never had much of a weight problem until I got a desk job. When I graduated high school I was about 135 and 5'8", skinny by my standards. Gained about 15 during college (I'll blame it mostly on beer... yum). Now I'm 29 and after 6 years with my desk job I'm 180 (have almost touched 190 but freaked out and went on a major diet). Every time I've lost a noticeable amount of weight, it was because I cut out drinks with calories. Stick to water or unsweetened tea if possible. Unfortunately I LOVE beer, red bull, and coffee with cream and sugar (or lattes), so that as a long term diet solution doesn't really work for me, but it definitely helps keep cravings down. Make your calories count!

So I definitely have to agree on the eggs, also cottage cheese. Great protein per calorie ratio, which is what helps keep you satiated. I've been trying to also make use of my boyfriends meal replacement shakes, flavored protein with some added complex carbohydrates. They do help with cravings and feeling satiated, but I can't remember the brand he buys off-hand.

Of note, have you seen Kevin Smith lately? I saw him at comic con this year and he's borderline SKINNY now, and he said in his panel that he lost it all because he cut out sugar. It's hard, but eating sugar/carbohydrates definitely causes worse cravings. He said he got to a point where he was actually physically addicted to sugar, and he just went cold turkey. He said the cravings died down after a couple weeks, you can probably find his panel on youtube though if you're curious.

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