Oh what the heck...Here is a video of mine too!
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22-05-2014, 11:06 PM (This post was last modified: 23-05-2014 12:03 AM by Shadow Fox.)
Oh what the heck...Here is a video of mine too!

Get ready for the ramblings of a madman who 99% of you will not agree with and laugh at. Lemme know what you think. Here is a video I found a while back on the internet.

Someday I wish to take all of the things I believe in, many of the ideas that are shared with others online that I have read and met. Than make a what you would call a 2.0 kopimi book from it.

It is my firm belief that everything in the universe is made out of the tiny bits of information. This video is the first time I ever seen anyone make that statement before as well and it delights me to know someone else out there at least has a grasp of this concept as well.

We and the universe are essentially one in the same thing. Many will argue that the universe or the "container" is separate from its contents but that simply is not true. The container and what it holds is all one in the same. We our made of the same information as the stars that gave birth to us. When we think of an idea that has never existed before, we are creating something new in the universe that never existed before. When that information or idea is shared with someone, it copies and multiplies itself in that persons mind and becomes bigger than it was before. There-for becoming more important. It is this reason that many of us believe that coping something is a sign of respect towards the person who created the thing you copy, because it adds importance and spreads the information across a much larger audience.

Let's say I had an idea never thought of before, You have one as well. We both share those ideas. Now we have two ideas. This can quickly become a new culture built on exchange. I can see in the future that one day this is going to become true. Where information is everything and we have evolved far beyond the need for money once we become something greater than a type 0 civilization that we are now and our greed has been snuffed out by overabundance and religion of theist ideals is dwindled enough to where radicals and extremists do not exist the way they do now. (also fundies). This is why one of our greatest goals is to fight back against drm's and copyright and patent trolls and legislation. It is a direct assault that will forbid this kind of future as all of it is built on the greed of the companies, instead of the need to protect the actual artist from plagiarism and those who want to sell the copied and infringing materials.

The information we create in our minds is just the same as all the other information that makes up the universe. It has a physical presence in the universe as all of us. Sharing digital files is only a first step towards the path of a free and wonderful world. It is because digital files can be produced infinitely and without pause. It is because of things like this that costs no resources that if we were to simply learn to share freely and more openly. Without persecution as if a physical object was stolen from a store. Than would it be a far cry to say that the value on physical objects, like food, water, shelter, and eventually luxury items be not far behind in loosing importance for their worth as well?

Michio Kaku said that in the future, computer chips more advanced than we can think of will cost us a penny. BUT, if things like greed, DRM, copyright, patent troll and money keep consuming us. If we loose the internet completely and it becomes another Radio station that is governed and controlled only by corporations. Than there is no doubt that we will ever see cheap and affordable computers in the future and those computers that cost a few pennies to build? will cost us thousands of dollars to get them.

I do not know what its like to feel a spirituality towards a deity;however, I do know what its like to feel something that I "think" is spirituality when I am on the internet. Its a peaceful kind of calmness where my focus and happiness raises higher than elsewhere. When I share something with a friend of mine, be it a radish from my garden or a digital file. I feel a warmth inside like no other. When online friends ask for a large folder of mine full of pdf's about medical research or science. I feel ecstatic that I am able to share my collection of knowledge with them.

It is what I believe the universe created us for, So that it may understand itself and gain knowledge and experience. We are very well not the only ones out there. It would be insane to think so. Since we are made of all the same things, We are essentially universe and the universe is we. The more ideas we have, the more we create. So the very idea of copying is seen as a 'divine' act of creation. Same goes with growing plants, sex, and many other aspects of life. Anything that creates more of something in the universe is something I see as a divine act of creation. Copying the most special of all since it can be done infinitely and across multiple people at once.

If more people gave more importance to the sharing of information and cared less about their greed and what they would want out of life. The less corrupt and violent this world would be. Now it is true the we should always give credit and credit is due. After all, we do not live in that utopia world just yet; but, I believe that the time is just about here when it should be very important to start making our baby steps towards that goal. It all needs to start somewhere, we need to start putting less value in something in our world. The infinite resource that we have is our data and our knowledge. Eventually, one day in my life. I hope to be able to see at least one country where even the highest college education can be free to those who want to learn and gain more knowledge.

We charge so much for knowledge and for some places it is understandable. But I want to see a world where education in all parts of the world is absolutely free at all levels including college. Text books should not cost people money. Basic supplies for furthering your knowledge should be free. Teachers and professors should be supported by something greater than what they have now and be placed to higher standards. We should not be lowering the standards just so a school can look good and no child can be left behind.

These are just some of the many of the philosophical points that I wish to refine and create for the world someday. Because I really believe if we make digital information of all kinds free. The rest of the world will not be too far from there as well. When we live in a world where everyone has overabundance, has access to the same level of knowledge and information as all the others and we heavily breed the idea in the minds of all that without effort from everyone, no one would have anything. I believe that is a utopia world our great great grand children or heck! Maybe even US if we live to get our brains implanted into computer chips can see and enjoy.

It all just gotta start from somewhere and we are in the most crucial time of all right now to make it slowly start to happen.

My Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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22-05-2014, 11:25 PM
RE: Oh what the heck...Here is a video of mine too!
Great video Thumbsup

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22-05-2014, 11:29 PM
RE: Oh what the heck...Here is a video of mine too!
I think we see the beginnings of the change in education with the free stuff like HarvardX. It's taking longer than I thought tho, as I used to think Google would have a free U by now, for at least High School and Jr College stuff for free, and maybe the brick and mortars would be grad schools ? All my classes are at least partly on-line, but they still charge the same.

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23-05-2014, 03:25 AM
RE: Oh what the heck...Here is a video of mine too!
I like your video, well done! It's bloody hard to make an interesting video and you're a shitload better at it than I am.
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