Oklahoma criminalizes abortion
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22-05-2016, 12:55 AM (This post was last modified: 22-05-2016 01:19 AM by evenheathen.)
RE: Oklahoma criminalizes abortion
(20-05-2016 06:38 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  
(20-05-2016 05:24 PM)Heatheness Wrote:  Skanky Mary vetoed the bill.

She's feeling the heat because they cut our school budget by 36% this year and we're already in the lower 10% for education.

So Oklahoma can brag at least they ain't Brownbacks.

I want to Dodgy

But I gotta Drinking Beverage

We went to orientation for his school and I had to sit on one of their little chairs. It wasn't even close to the heat that the year would bring and I'm ashamed of the mark that my swamp ass left on that chair due to the fact that they couldn't use AC.

Even the obviously religious right leaning teacher my son was going to be taught by made obvious comments that Brownback is fucking the system, they aren't allowed to turn the AC on. We were all sweating our asses off.

It goes much deeper than that, but even on the surface this is bullshit.

We can't afford to keep any rural schools open, what the fuck is happening to our state?

How is my child expected to perform in an oven?
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