Old Testament Texts / Another Look
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12-09-2012, 04:12 AM
RE: The Old Testament Texts / Another Look
(12-09-2012 01:45 AM)Phaedrus Wrote:  
(12-09-2012 12:26 AM)Fromgenesis Wrote:  Thanks BB. Your knowledge of the subject (ancient texts, history) far exceeds mine and I would really be out of my depth to argue on this.
However, as a layman, it seems to me that one possibility for corresponding information is that it actually reports the same issues, with each having a different "spin". In other words, the issues being reported is not by implication false. There is this game that little children play called "telephone", where a message is repeated and the end result is either garbled or have little bearing on the initial message or..if it was very carefully repeated and "controlled" by the initial person, could be accurate.
The Bible claims to be truth and one can then ask the question - has what is reported as truth ever been proven as lies? No doubt, questions are raised from time to time and doubts cast.
My belief in the God of the Bible rests on faith but without having to put my head in the sand and ignoring issues. That is why I am delighted with your comments. As Christians, we often only discuss issues with other Christians and thus work from the same point of reference.
That there are questions that are very difficult to answer, goes without saying, but this does not by implication invalidate the Christian faith. As proof, it is obvious that (other) highly intelligent persons with the same set of facts that you have, come to a different conclusion.

I can hook up a USB 3.0 stick to my computer and transfer 16GB of text (about 72,000 bibles) off of it in a matter of minutes, upload it to my server (which is actually a virtual machine on a shared network of thousands of physical processors with data storage in three different datacenters, on several RAID1 and/or RAID5 hard drive arrays, synced every couple of minutes), and distribute it to a thousand people at once, almost anywhere in the world, at up to 2mb/s with a data loss or corruption rate of about one bit in ten trillion, thanks to unambiguous multiplexed error/noise-resistant communication protocols like SCTP. I can store this data for thousands of years on flash memory, for tens of thousands with hardened flash, with no data loss or corruption. The data can be copied an infinite number of times, and if 4096-bit RSA encrypted with my private key it could be 100% guaranteed that you are reading my original, unaltered, legitimate version with no possibility that it has been edited or altered by another entity.

I am superior to your god at communication. Bow down before me.
And will be remembered by no one within a week.
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