Old Testament Texts / Another Look
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18-03-2015, 02:50 PM
RE: Old Testament Texts / Another Look
I don't have any doubts that it's mythology. What surprises me is that anyone has ever believed it is history.

Surely someone must have asked themselves where an ex slave nation got so much gold?

Exodus 32:2
New International Version
Aaron answered them, "Take off the gold earrings that your wives, your sons and your daughters are wearing, and bring them to me."

I understand that fundies daren't question - that would mean questioning their entire faith. The most amusing quote I've read so far concerning the origin of all that much gold was that.... "the Egyptians gave it to the slaves to make them leave Egypt quickly" Undecided

But why do otherwise intelligent people not question? if they were reading a history book with the bible's plot inconsistencies they would consider it to be very badly researched and poor scholarship. They would certainly consider it to be a terrible narrative.No
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25-03-2015, 11:57 PM
RE: Old Testament Texts / Another Look
I found a little Catholic book in the course of moving house. Belongs to my wife, I think. It is intended to summarize the whole Bible for children so I read it, or a big chunk of it, because it is all the same.

The Old Testament is a "history", beginning with the creation of the world, then life, Adam and Eve, and then it is just a long history of the "rulers" of this so-called "people" who descend from Adam and Eve. What I found incredible about reading it in this form is that all the leaders of this people were plainly psychopaths. It reads like a list of characters who resemble Al Capone, Hitler and Stalin.

Samson, for instance, made a bet about a honey comb he found in a lions mouth. He lost the bet so he murdered thirty people and used their property to pay off his bad debt. He is described as a "good and noble" man!!?? Solomon had 700 Queens and another 300 wives but he "strayed" from god by lighting incense. Hey at least we have something in common because I like incense too.

David committed adultery and sent the woman's husband to the front line where he died. I think he apologized to god so god let him off by agreeing to do something to David's son, I think. I can't remember because they are all the same. One king made a census of the population and then regretted it so he apologized to god and god gave him three choices of punishment. He chose a pestilence on his people which killed 70,000 people.

Not only is the Old Testament pure fiction, it reads like some kind of brutalistic tales of horror intended to scare the hell out of people. It reminds me of the kind of campfire stories I heard as a kid at summer camp about some psycho who had escaped from a local mental institute. The purpose was just to scare everyone so they would keep quiet at night.

Why anyone would give this any credence or respect is completely beyond me. What is more astonishing is that anyone would actually want to trot this stuff out as the basis for a "nation" to which they claimed membership. I am embarrassed to be from an ethnic group and country which still has a Queen whose ancestors were beheaders and was told she was given her "people" by god to rule over.

I'm more than ever convinced that Christianity is a hoax but was intended to wrap up a very simple "secular" principle of "do unto others as you would have done unto you" in a story about a well known person and imbue him with mythical, paganistic attributes to sell this concept to a large pagan cult.

IMHO the Old Testament is the story of how a people who lead their lives according to the dictates of Alfa male leaders who think "god" is like them, end up dissolving away to nothing whereas the New Testament is a Greek inspired, probably Epicurean, antedote to this which puts the "logos" or reason as its central concept.

On another note, I see that New York has now made two Muslim holidays official school holidays. One is the Sacrifice of the Goat.

I have to say this is one "hellofanidea" which could only come from the US. I walk down our local streets, living as I do in a Muslim country, after the Sacrifice of the Goat and I have to watch out I don't stumble over severed goat heads. I wonder if New York Schools are going to have a goat sacrifice, sort of like a Christmas pageant? http://www.ibtimes.com/new-york-city-may...ol-1835754

So, please excuse me if I don't bow down with "great respect" for a lot of the ideas coming out on this forum. By their "fruitcakes" you shall know them, I think is the appropriate message the US gives out.
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