Old Zen story. Very funny. Ha ha.
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13-01-2016, 06:28 PM
Old Zen story. Very funny. Ha ha.
An old Zen master had a terrible problem. A monk in his temple could not attain enlightenment. Almost daily, he pestered his master. "It doesn't matter what I do," the monk complained. "I meditate on the Buddha, I chant the chants, I align the invisible things in my body that you tell me exist,but it's no use. I'm as tormented as ever. Please master, help me." However, no matter the tidbits of wisdom and riddle imparted, the monk was always in distress.

Finally, the master decided he'd had enough. When his poor and annoying pupil approached him, the master said, "Return to your room. I want you to meditate on the ox. Just the ox. Only the ox. Forget Buddha. Forget Nirvana. Forget you. Complete ox, everything ox."

Two weeks passed. The monk had not left his room. He hardly ate, and would only eat grass seeds and flowers. Feeling guilty that he'd treated his pupil too harshly, the master walked to the monk's room and said, "Come out! I want to talk with you."

The monk reply was strange. "I can't get out."

Perplexed, the master said, "Come on, you haven't left your room in weeks. Surely you must be hungry after so much grass. Please, come out."

Again, the monk replied, "I can't get out of my room."

Now the master was getting impatient again. "Look, your door is open. You're not tied to your bed. Nobody has locked you in here since we last spoke. Come on. Why can't you leave your room?"

"My horns will not fit through the door."

Upon saying this, the monk finally snapped out of his delusion and achieved the most disillusioning enlightenment. He walked out of his room, hugged his master,bade farewell to everyone, and left the temple. He returned to his home, to his family, and resumed work on his family's farm. When asked why, after years at the temple monastery, did he leave a holy place and resume a life of labor, he always replied, "I had nothing better to do."

Don't let those gnomes and their illusions get you down. They're just gnomes and illusions.

--Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Alouette, je te plumerai.
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