Omegle chat with Christian
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11-07-2012, 05:16 PM
RE: Omegle chat with Christian
Alright, I've got one as well. It's quite lengthy, be prepared.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like religion.

You: Hello

Stranger: hi

You: Are you religious?

Stranger: generally

You: Care to elaborate?

Stranger: that is all i have to say..

You: What I mean is, which religion do you belong to?

Stranger: Christianity, yourself?

You: I'm an Agnostic myself. Do you mind discussing about your religion/your faith?

Stranger: i would be glad to! what would you like me to discuss?

You: Okay, I have several general questions. Let's start with the following one: Do you take the Bible literally?

Stranger: yes and no, it generally depends on what i get out of the text.

Stranger: if it is a "life lesson" then generally yes, but sometimes i disagree with what i read

You: Can you name an example?

You: An example for something you disagree with, that is.

for one, i disagree with the fact that homosexuals will go to hell if
they do not repent. i believe that they were put on this earth for a
reason and should not be forced to change themselves completely just to
get to heaven. yes, if you are sinning repent, but i dont see what they
are doing wrong..

Stranger: *my opinion*

On what basis do you believe this? To phrase it differently, God was
very clear about what he thinks about homosexuals. He said that they are an

yes, but why would he create them without accepting who they are?
everyone was put on this earth for a reason. if they are an abomination
why were they put here?

Stranger: i am not here to fight with anyone, just so you know..

You: Of course not. I'm just curious about your belief. As an Agnostic I'm not convinced that God doesn't exist.

back to your point. What if they were put on earth to suffer in Hell
after death? They are considered sinners by God and he told us to kill
them in the OT. Probably because in that case, he can punish
them as soon as possible.

God, as described in the Old Testament, is a mass murderer after all.
Think about all the people he has killed and commanded to be killed.
Woman, Men, newborn.

yes i understand your point, but apparently "god loves everyone" so why
would he cast them to hell? he only cast the people that follow satan to
hell, but if you are doing nothing wrong why are you sent to hell?

You: Where is it said that God loves -everyone-? Can you provide me with a verse?

Stranger: i
cannot, but if you raise your children in a church that is what they
are told. and i believe it is a lie *another thing i disagree about* but
im just throwing what i have been told out there. i am not saying i am
wrong nor right.

You: That's the problem. It's called indoctrination.

You: I was raised by a Baptist reverent and held on to my Christian belief until the age of fourteen.

You: At that time I was thought critical thinking and researched a lot about religion and the Bible.

You: I had to give up on my faith because there was no rational reason to continue to believe in it.

I've got a question for you: If you cannot validate your belief by
what's written in the scripture but rely on what has been told to you by
the authorities, is that really your own personal belief?

no, it isnt. but when you are told something you usually retain it and
later in life(whether 5 minutes or 5 years)you believe it is your own
i have had to introduce myself to religion, because my
father is atheist and my mother is spiritual. but i have not defined
myself to being one religion (tho i do say i am only one to make it
easier) but i have my own thoughts, the bible does not define me and i
know how to function without my bible. not to criticize anyone but
people with "too much religion" dont know how to function without their
scripture, and people without knowing dont know how to function with it.
this is why i disagree with parts and, to be realistic, most of the

Stranger: yet again, my opinion

You: That's interesting. So I will no longer talk about scripture.

In that case, why do you believe in God?

Stranger: i
believe there is "a god" it just isnt the picture perfect "died for my
sins and nothing more" god that everyone (by everyone i mean thos with
"too much religion") believes. sciences have gotten a strong hold on me
and i dont know what to belive (again the "told and thinks it is your
own thought") but there is a object that cures the diseased and
different "miracals" happen but usually not for enough.

Stranger: then again i have had to introduce myself and i dont understand what i belive.

Stranger: *completely

You: Sorry, my father called me to help him

Stranger: its fine.

You: So if I understand you correctly you believe in God because of the miracles that are happening today?

Stranger: no. i believe in him for what he has done for me.

You: What has he done for you?

Stranger: some are more personal than others but for one, he has set me free of self harming myself

You: How do you know that it was God any not yourself who did that?

You: *and

because it was like a drug. and i couldnt stop for anything and i prayed
about it and the next morning i didnt want to do it anymore and my
fresh scars were gone.

You: You're saying that your wounds miraculously healed over night?

Stranger: yes, they did.

But that sounds more like a medical phenomena, not a supernatural one.
Also, dreams have the function of dealing with our
problems and concerns of our everyday life. Both of these things can be explained by science,
medicine and psychology to be exact.

they had been done that night and couldnt have healed that quickly. so,
what you're saying is i have been dreaming for a year? because i have
not had a scar on my wrist for a year. and some of thos scars had been
there forever and wouldnt have just distapeared.

Stranger: disappeared*

You: No, I'm saying that there is most likely a medical explanation for it. Have you done any research about it?

Stranger: no. what wold you suggest?

You: Hm, off the top of my head something like "Fresh wounds healed over night"

You: Or "What can cause a speed up healing process?"

You: Either way, would your views change if there was a reasonable explanation for it?

yes, but like i said i can think outside of my religion unlike "overly
religious" people. and i have not been able to if you will "contain"
what i believe into one religion.

You: Is there a way that you would let go of your belief in God?

You: You don't seem to depend on it.

possibly, but i couldnt completely denie that there is no god. i dont
depend on it but its like a hand, its useful to grasp things, but you
could live without it.

You: You wouldn't have to deny it - you could be an Agnostic like me.

You: Someone who says that we don't know whether or not God exists.

You: We will find out after death.

Stranger: i
think i will think about it and do some research about it. but like i
said im open to others opinions and religions. and im only 13 so i still
have a while to think about what i want to do. but thank you!

You: I thank you as well, this was an interesting conversation and I'm glad that I could cause you to research about your belief.

Stranger: i
agree, it was very interesting! im probably needing to go soon

Stranger: ok, i will! thank you and have a nice day. i have to go.

You: Likewise, good night.

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