On Religiosity on Being Gay
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06-05-2014, 10:06 PM
RE: On Religiosity on Being Gay
It's really sad to hear about these attitudes. I've lived in enough big cities to have many gay friends and co-workers. The first was a very close friendship in college that allowed me to figure out that sexual orientation shouldn't matter. He was not out to me or anyone. I knew nearly from the beginning but never mentioned it. I'll admit that had he been out I don't know that our friendship would have developed.

It was about two years in when he told me, and by then I was totally comfortable. I'll never forget how painful that was for him and the apparent shame. He told me he wished he wasn't. It was so hard to hear. The great thing was he trusted me and knew I had zero problem with it. We had a terrific honest relationship after that. He was murdered a few years after we left college. I'd give anything to talk to him about all that now.

Sexuality is a spectrum. We all find our place and it isn't static. We all have natural desires that those who deny their own will judge. Pity them.
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