On guns, where does one draw the line
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31-01-2013, 03:02 PM
RE: On guns, where does one draw the line
@Carlo, you assume that all of the prison population are violent. This is not even close to being true. A massive chuck of the prison population are non-violent drug offenders. Many others still are in prison for violating various types of fraud, con-men, theft (especially grand theft auto) and committing smaller violations habitually. When you also take into account the amount of violent people who have not yet been caught, or have yet to commit a crime I would think that number would still fall below the 1% line, at least for people who are willing to use firearms on innocents.

@ The Bearded Dude, yes I think the old man chose wisely (assuming the law enforcement was failing him) by choosing a non-lethal option, and like you I would like to see more stories that involved solutions like this. However I would still keep my shotgun or pistol loaded with lethal rounds in case of a situation that arose in which lethal force was necessary. If I feel no life-threatening situation exists, but there is something going on like what you described, then sure implement the non-lethal option, with the ability to make it lethal if things escalate. Rarely is that the case though. Usually when someone feels the need to pull a gun in defense it causes for lethal force. If I wake up to someone breaking a window to get in my home, I'm not going to be reaching for a tazer or rock salt, I'm going to be reaching for my pistol with 11 rounds of death waiting to be unleashed. I will not risk my life or the life of my family on the off chance that the people breaking in will not harm me, especially after I piss them off by putting holes in them. Furthermore I see no way you could force people to use non-lethal options from a legal standpoint, at least no good way. Also you must consider that the people being threatened are there, in the moment. They have a better understanding of what is happening. It is easy to use the historians fallacy and think the person in question was using bad judgement. Of course there is always the risk of people make bad decisions, but I think the reward outweighs the risk. People that use really bad judgement should be punished for their indiscretion. If that farmer had good reason to feel that the people approaching his property were armed and dangerous I would have no problem with him putting some slugs through their chest, though it doesn't sound like that was the case. Suffice it to say if someone breaks into my home, and I am there I will put holes in you without batting an eye. If I turned out you weren't armed afterward, tough fucking luck. As I said, when someone breaks into your home the wise decision is to assume they are willing to kill you. Sounds cruel, but I value my safety, and my families safety over that of a criminal.

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