One Bernie supporter to others OP/ED
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29-07-2016, 06:40 AM
RE: One Bernie supporter to others OP/ED
(28-07-2016 01:52 PM)Vosur Wrote:  
(28-07-2016 01:28 PM)Gilgamesh Wrote:  [Image: avHnbUZ.gif]

[Image: raw]
I think this one is more appropriate, given the context of the thread:

[Image: 9ube7yybgsbx.gif]

Only a sick person thinks it is appropriate for a world leader to praise despots like Putin, and the brutality of Saddam as if we should mimic it. Only a sick person thinks it is ok to make fun of disabled reporters Only a sick person thinks it is ok for a world leader to discriminate against LGBTQ, lie claim he supports them, then picks a running mate who has done just that. Trump has praised Putin, on top of making a very inappropriate "joke" about hackers. Well, if the right hates LGBTQ so much, guess what, they really should support the hackers, because Russia is very anti LGBTQ, along with Isis.

And before you go thinking Trump is such a great business person, remember he said he was HAPPY about home owners loosing their homes from the housing crash. And you might want to look up Cheryl Lockford who got scammed out of money from Trump's fake "university".

If that is anyone's idea of a good leader, much less the sign of a stable person, you need help. The worst part of Trump is that he's even more dangerous than Bush Jr and not even Bush or Reagan would have conducted themselves with the same WW2 Germany scapegoating demagoguery Trump has.

I wish Trump were merely a man on a street corner shouting that he is Napoleon, but America's problem is half our voters think a sociopath narcissist with megalomaniac ego will "Make Russia Great Again". Only a sick person thinks that his WWE Jerry Springer act makes for a good world leader.

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