Online piracy
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23-06-2014, 03:33 PM
RE: Online piracy
(19-06-2014 11:10 AM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  
(19-06-2014 10:32 AM)Lightvader Wrote:  I think mucicians should get their money from live performances, not selling music cds. That's why i pirate music. I think actors,directors,script writers,etc. Should get their money from when it hits the cinemas and not by selling copies of the dvd. But i don't pirate movies. And i pirate games because i'm poor

Actually, musicians rarely make chunks of cash touring -- they tour to boost record sales where the bulk of their money comes from.

No it's pretty widely regarded that bands by far make more money, even pre big piracy issues through Tours and merchandiser sales heavily driven by that over the normal album sales. More of a person's paid cut gets to bands through the other revenues than a album can after its low price gets divided up.

There's a strong connection to spread of words and piracy that works well. There's various artists or creative means that wouldn't spread the way they could to as many people without piracy. That's the benefit it creates on art.

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24-06-2014, 03:57 AM
RE: Online piracy
(19-06-2014 04:11 AM)barcelonic Wrote:  I believe downloading movies, TV and music online for free is not entirely unethcial - discuss Smile

I am on the opposite side of DLJ. I don't think it's unethical. At least not all of it. What I do find as theft are the applications/programs. Music, movies and series are not.

You see, back in the old days, there was a new, nice think called Napster. It was great, because it offered people to share music they couldn't hear, get or afford before. Then comes Metallica and through some laws and lawsuits they have successfully killed Napster. They presented all this as their fight for all the music artists, for the music industry. On the other hand, just short time after this lawsuit, we have a different kind of musicians that had a different idea about their music and their fans. Their name is Public Enemy. Their new album was just about to come out, but they have decided to put it on their web-site for free, for everyone, the whole album. It came out 10 days after everyone who wanted already downloaded the album. That album was sold , just as any other album would be. The fact that they had the album for free didn't make any difference.

Why didn't it make a difference? Because, if you make a good album, people will buy it. If you have fans that appreciate your work, they will buy your album. If you give them a chance to hear your album and they like it, you have even bigger chance of selling it, than if no one ever heard your new stuff.

Same thing can be said for the movies. I want to see the movie before I loose money on dvd/br.

TV shows are shown in USA, but I will have to wait for 2 years before my TV network decides to show it? Why? We live in Internet Age, why the fuck do I need to wait, while you can watch it? That is not fair, I want to be a part of this world as well. So I download the newest episode of Game of Thrones and I feel like the rest of the world. When it comes out on BR, I will buy that 100%, because the series deserve it.

BUT!! There is no way in hell I would ever give money for a DVD that I haven't seen. It just makes no sense.

Plus, I have Internet at home. I am used to free stuff, just a click away. I am used to freedom of speech and freedom of information and let's be honest, these are all just informations.


Everyone who still listens to Metallica is an asshole. Everyone who is buying anything Metallica-made is a jerk. Anyone who is going to Metallica concerts can suck my big floppy donkey dick.

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