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23-10-2010, 10:33 PM
[Image: tannhauser-logo2.png]

Operation: TANNHÄUSER is a squad-based tactical war game by Take On You Games. You can see the official introductory video here.

I got this game very recently, and I cannot recommend it enough. This game is amazing. It's streamlined, innovative, gorgeous to look at, and ridiculously fun to play.

Operation: TANNHÄUSER is set in an alternate-history 1949. The first World War never ended, due to the Reich's discovery of black magic. The Reich has created an elite division of occult warriors known as the Obscura Korps in order to further its war effort. The commander of the Obscura Korps, one Hermann von Heizinger, has recently discovered a powerful magical artifact known as the Patmos Amulet. Not only is the Amulet a formidable weapon in its own right, able to control the minds of others, but it contains clues to the location of one of the four Cardinal Cornerstones of reality. These Cornerstones are what keeps Earth apart from the other realms, particularly Hell. If Heizinger is able to complete his new assignment, he will open a portal to Hell and use its power to subjugate the world.

In order to stop the Obscura Korps, the Union has sent the 42nd Marine Special Forces division behind enemy lines. Their orders are to terminate Heizinger at all costs and by any means. Failure is not an option.

Operation: TANNHÄUSER is designed to be played by two people, but it can be played by up to ten, as there are usually ten miniatures on the board, five on a team. Every miniature has its own characteristics, from the extremely powerful (Heizinger's ability to control enemies, or John MacNeal's supreme marksmanship) to the ordinary and weak (the Commandos' ability to move more quickly than others, or the Shocktruppens' ability to put a near-infinite amount of lead in the air). This helps to keep the game interesting, since you have to figure out which unit's capabilities are appropriate for which situation.

Plus, the Shocktruppen looks funny. I like him.

[Image: tannhauser_8.jpg]

Yes, my shameless plug is over now. Seriously, go buy this game! I want to have people to talk about its awesomeness with.

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