Oscar's and Babylon
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29-02-2016, 07:34 PM
Oscar's and Babylon
About a week ago I posted a thread about aliens and the bible. Well last friday the sermon was about how we're being influenced into other things rather than god (since he gets jelous if his ass isn't being kissed every second).

To summarize everything was based on this video

I find funny about how he notices the "similitudes" in the story of Daniel with the Oscar's statuette. Specially since that chapter in Daniel's book doesn't tell how was the pose of the statue. He's just making comparations with mere assumptions on how the statue in Daniel's story would have been.

Also using an archaic use of the word worship for recognition of someone merit. What he doesn't seems to grasp is that by that definition, any recognition at any level is a type of worship even merits within religious matters. The word worship is no longer used for that purpose.

And last, this guys has to chill his paranoia out. Someone please give him some classes about sarcasm. Taking a joke from a comedian really serious just looks as a desperate move to make his statement to look "credible".

Everyone at church was impressed for this video, I just could do nothing but laugh. At the end the lady who was preaching was encouraging people to not go to the movies because doing that will be supporting the devil.

"Skepticism is the first step towards truth" -Denis Diderot
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