Over-generalised? - Atheism/Theism
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01-05-2011, 01:19 AM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2011 01:23 AM by DeepThought.)
Over-generalised? - Atheism/Theism
To clarify - I think one of the main issues with the "Atheism/Theism" Section is that it is too general to this forum. Since this is "The Thinking Atheist Forum" pretty much everything we discuss here could fall under that umbrella.

I really think what might help is to avoid having over-generalized forums. If we improved the forum labels and/or add a 1 or 2 more it could improve the diversity of various subjects and improve how we cover a particular subject..

At the same time I want people to feel free to respond naturally to a thread without feeling contained to that category.
One of the beautiful things we have here is that freedom to respond to a thread without a mod breathing down your neck saying "NO - thats off topic."

Here is a rough concept I came up with for categorizing different areas that commonly pop up in Atheism/Theism.
Scripture - Bible, Koran, Necronomicon - Talks about religious texts/interpretation
Creationism - Topics on origins, evolution, big bang, cosmology, is the world 6000 years old? etc..
Atheism/Theism - General chat about atheism/theism that doesn't really belong anywhere else
Philosophy - Discuss morality, faith, what is knowledge? etc..
world news/positive atheism/etc..

What we have is great! This is the only area I feel needs more clarity.

Eg: If a dedicated Scripture forum was created I think it would have a better chance of being discussed in depth since there would not be other threads mixed in that are about evolution/creation...

Some of the subjects covered are so popular and wide in scope I feel it justifies giving them their own forum.

Just my thoughts. Cool
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