Pagan, saying hello
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07-04-2017, 08:50 PM
RE: Pagan, saying hello
(07-04-2017 07:26 AM)unfogged Wrote:  
(07-04-2017 07:20 AM)captainphilbo Wrote:  I believe thunderstorms exist. I believe lightning exists. I believe that in my head I personify these thunderstorms. I refer to such personifications as Thor.

More important to me is that I have a reverence for nature and the sun and the changing of the seasons, and these are things to celebrate.

Sounds more Druid than Norse. Is the personification just a useful way of thinking about it or do you believe that there is such an entity? Do heroes go to Valhalla?

It's just a useful (and fun) way of thinking about it. I know some pagans who are much more serious about gods and magic and divinity, but as for me, I prefer to rely on reason and common sense above all that mystical stuff. Heroes get eaten by worms just like the rest of us, but it's still better to die for something you believe in rather than live in cowardice.
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