Paranormal Beliefs & Atheism
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22-09-2016, 11:14 AM
Paranormal Beliefs & Atheism
Hey guys, first post on any type of atheist forum. Ill get right to it:
My girlfriend of 3 years, and very close friend of about 12, lost her mother of very aggresive cancer at a young age. Recently I lost a step brother of 22 and my inconsolable stepmother became interested in communication with the dead. More precisely shes met with, and had a reading done by the celebrity reader Tyler Henry. So with their shared loss and grief they have grown an interest and passion for what to me is BS.
My family is non-religious and many of us share atheistic views INCLUDING my beloved girlfriend.
Theyve somehow managed to get Tyler to join a family bbq and do a reading. My response was less than enthusiastic and I think it hurt her feelings.

In our quest for rational thought and ideas we can perhaps seem cold and insensitive to things that our loved one's find relief in.

How do we manage to debunk without dismissing feelings?

Is the ridiculous belief that we can communicate with the dead that harmful?

Side note: I dont really think she believes this but maybe it makes her feel better.
I dont want her to feel embarrased or ignorant for this. But on the same side I will always defend against psuedo science, and paranormal ideas. Especially with a potential reproductive partner!
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22-09-2016, 11:40 AM
RE: Paranormal Beliefs & Atheism
People grieve in ways that might seem very strange to us. I don't have a problem letting people do what they gotta do to get through it - even if I decline to participate myself.

I think if there's anything "harmful" about letting people believe they're communing with their dead loved ones it's that they're able to postpone actually dealing with the profundity of their loss. They get to keep it at arms length. I suppose that's their business and not mine. But if I'm asked whether I also "believe" they're talking to their dead relatives, I'm not going to lie. I'd probably start by saying I'd prefer not to answer, but if pushed I'd tell them I think they're deluding themselves.
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