Paranormal experience & deconversion
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20-03-2013, 04:51 AM
RE: Paranormal experience & deconversion
(18-03-2013 07:18 PM)crazylikeyou Wrote:  The entity spelled out my name (wrong, too) and told me to go away several times. It also said we would all marry faggots. When we told it to say goodbye it went back and forth N-O N-O N-O several times and when we asked who it was the board spelled out SATAN. It then said HAHAHAHA and finally moved to "goodbye"

Can someone please help explain this to me? While I see that there are inconsistancies in the bible and I'm all for rational thinking I just do not understand this! Are there atheists who believe in ghosts? How else could you explain this?
It proves that internet trolls do not become angels just because they die. Anyway, it seems to me too stereotypical to be taken seriously. Most likely you contacted a soul of a dead 4chan member. See if you can ban him from the board with some holy water and remove all the anime from the house Wink

Looks like you're in an environment you can't control. It is very diffcult to apply scientific method here. I'd recommend you this method for management of ambiguous experience, it's called growing Heron's beard and shaving it with Occam's razor. It is a method of gathering experience and avoiding premature conclusions.
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