Parenting-Kids and bad dreams
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28-03-2014, 07:25 AM
RE: Parenting-Kids and bad dreams
(28-03-2014 07:03 AM)evenheathen Wrote:  
(28-03-2014 06:54 AM)WitchSabrina Wrote:  Meanwhile - I'd like to compliment you on a super smart kid. Dreams can tell parents quite a bit about their child. Your kid is having complex dreams at age 3 AND able to describe them to ThumbsupThumbsup:thumbsup:If it were me - I'd be paying a lot more attention to the Skills he's exhibiting than the dream itself.

I never thought about that. Thanks! He is a pretty sharp little shit. No talk of dreams yet this morning so we'll see how it goes.

Times to look for genius in your child:

(1) How they draw pictures. Things like: Do they actually see perspective way early? Like how a table REALLY looks?
(2) How they describe their dreams or their friends OR situations? How adult is their vocabulary or their point of view? How early?
(3) How they process information they see - visuals -such as movies. Ask you kid questions to gather what they took from a movie you watched. Three year olds that "get it" (as in the moral of the story) are a notch or two above their daycare playmates.


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28-03-2014, 10:06 AM
RE: Parenting-Kids and bad dreams
(27-03-2014 10:37 PM)evenheathen Wrote:  So my three yr. old had a bad dream last night. Apparently there is a boy at his daycare with cerebral palsy. His dream was simple enough, he dreamt about this boy being a robot (he's really into robots) and something happened with the boy's eyes that freaked him out. I'm sure the dream was a trip for him.

It's been constant all day, and explaining what dreams are to a three yr. old is just frustrating (let alone cerebral palsy). He is still well into his "why" phase, but this is obviously bothering him more than just saying why to every answer he gets. He really doesn't understand why he had this bad dream and really wants to get to the bottom of it.

Anyone been through this? I've searched youtube for helpful videos I could show him, but it's been fruitless so far. I feel bad for the little dude, wish I had more substantial to tell or show him.

I think you just have to let him figure it out on his on. That's what we had to do with Cohen when he first had bad dreams. Now if he comes into my room crying, he tells me if he had a bad dream or not.

He gets the concept now and what it is. I think it's something that just finally clicks as they begin to associate it with sleep and that it's really not happening... like cartoons on TV. I kind of explained it this way to him when it first started.

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