Partial reps or full range?
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22-01-2013, 07:05 AM
RE: Partial reps or full range?
Tearing a rotator cuff is a bitch. Back when I was first starting out, I decided to do a bunch of inclined situps (hands on the floor; feet on a bench) to hit my upper pecs. I was young and stupid, so when I didn't see immediate results, I upped the weight and spread my hands further apart. Then one day I woke up in bed, moved my arm to get up and felt a bolt of lightning shoot from my right shoulder to my thumb. I ripped the fuck out of my rotator cuff. It took a month for just the pain to go away.

If I'm not careful, I can still irritate it. It was a whole 2 years later when I was working as a custodian at a school; I lifted a heavy bag of trash into the dumpster and felt my shoulder "pop". I immediately knew what I did, and the next morning I was in pain again.

When my clients burst in the door ready to tear the weights up, I tell them to slow down. I've got 3 seperate injuries to teach from, and they were unpleasant lessons to learn first-hand. No

Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
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