Pastor stiffs waiter saying god gets her tip
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01-02-2013, 01:46 AM
RE: Pastor stiffs waiter saying god gets her tip
Let's not forget that the server got the 18%. The pastor only denied adding extra tip to the ticket. So the server was not "stiffed".

Of course, the bitch pastor was a bitch - writing that on a receipt was insulting to the server and it would be good if something happened to her to reflect that, such as a public reprimand from a superior in her organization. But we know that won't happen.

I for one am not a fan of the automatic 18% charge. The reason is that tipping was originally the way we gave money to people who serve us better than they are expected to. In other words, in the good old days, when you went to a restaurant or hotel or whatever and someone did exactly their job, you didn't tip them at all. But if they went above and beyond, served with a smile, extra courtesy, extra attentiveness, whatever, then you showed your appreciation by tipping them - the tip was above and beyond their normal pay because they want above and beyond in carrying out their job.

It today's restaurant, when it's a small party, there will be no automatic tip. The server knows that if they screw up or ignore that table, they might not get a tip, or will only get a small tip. But if they really take good care of that table, they will probably get a bigger tip. But if it's a large party, the tip is automatic. Good server, lousy server, attentive server, absentee server, all the same 18%. There is no incentive for them to do their job well, let alone exceptionally - heck, there isn't even any incentive for them to do their job at all.

I'm not saying this is how the servers look at it. I'm sure most of them are good people trying to do a good job. All I'm saying is that tipping went from "Hey, awesome job, you really excelled there" to just being a tax for bringing too many friends to the restaurant.

Side note, despite this post, I'm a ridiculously generous tipper. I can't help it. I'm a victim of the current tipping mentality. I also give medals to every player in my chess tournaments, even if they lose every game - more influence of my environment.

"Whores perform the same function as priests, but far more thoroughly." - Robert A. Heinlein
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