Paula Dean
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28-06-2013, 07:05 PM
RE: Paula Dean
Paula Deen is a dinosaur - she is from a time and place that has ceased to exist.

She had to learn the hard way that her food was bad for people - and she did change that.

I do have compassion for people like that - the times just don't support their particular type of indoctrination, the culture she was taught to be a part of is no more.

And that is a good thing, but I bear no grudge against her and all the other aged southern belles.

She is a remnant of times gone by, and I don't think she needs to be punished for that, as long as she does no harm. People her age don't easily deconvert, and the cultural indoctrination is especially pronounced in the south. At least she doesn't go around trying to convert people like the religiously indoctrinated. She used the N word - so did Muffsy, and Muff did so extensively. Shall we make sure Muff never gets to have a job again? Heck, Muff even new what he was doing, he didn't grow up in an era where everyone around him used it.

What does piss me off is the media coverage, like they don't have anything better to talk about than senior southern belles who have lost touch with the present times.

And it's not just top of the news on all-day channels, it's top of the news for a week now on local, 1/2 hour newscasts and the network national news too.

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29-06-2013, 12:48 PM
RE: Paula Dean
She's getting a raw deal for stupid shit she said and did decades ago. That's just the cost of doing business when you're a celebrity. She should step up and highlight and expand her programs in Savannah, Georgia, that benefit "almost exclusively oppressed and poverty stricken black people," according to Carter to "show she's changed in her relationship with African-Americans."

Newsworthiness? Less than Chick-fil-A's COO Dan Cathy's homophobia. He's actively pretending not to be gay. ... but meh, I've never eaten either of their products.

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29-06-2013, 01:14 PM
RE: Paula Dean
Of course it's newsworthy. Are you kidding?!! News is candy now! We got a celebrity, using a banned word! (I haven't done my research, but I'll bet it was "nigger".) Let's all watch her roast! Come on guys! What fun! We can watch her sink, like the Titanic! While selling soda pop and "Ding Dongs" at the same time! And we can feel superior, too! . . . Of course, you realize that I only quoted the vile word . . . I read it somewhere.

By the way: I'm all for banning words! But just the ones I don't like!!!!!
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