Pelosi expected to remain House Democrats' leader
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22-11-2010, 09:46 AM
RE: Pelosi expected to remain House Democrats' leader
Here's short take on the Dem's alone. Deplorable Record of the Democrats

I think what hurts Pelosi is, she has a mouth.
Liberal Feminists love her because she's the first female speaker of the House.

The Democratic Machine thinks they've bolstered their image in the green era, when the country is being sold in the new century the notion that we're a nation that cares about the environment and revoking outdated methods.That we as a nation are finally slothing off the old party politics and rising to a new era by enacting a record of firsts. The first black President. The first female Speaker. It doesn't mean either is qualified. It means they're happy to make history and they're simply a tool, unwittingly or not, of the machine.

Pelosi is often said to be less popular than Bush 43 during his term. She's also been criticized for being dumber than soap. But she's easy to manipulate because she is a Democrat and all that has to be done is the majority, at the time, that she was party to let her have the impression Liberals ruled the country. So all things Liberal in the House, was for the good of the country and should be pushed forward to the Senate and into the law of the land.

Personally, I think she gives soap a bad image.

The fluster about water boarding. Ah, the responsibilities of standing front and center.

Unemployment creates Jobs! Pay attention!

Pelosi and the "Jail" question re: National Health Care Plan (VIDEO)
Not to forget of course that she said, of the health care bill, that we had to pass it to see what's in it.
Of course, I give her the benefit of the doubt in thinking she just phrased her meaning in the wrong way and actually meant to say, once the bill is passed and implemented we'll see what it's meant to do when it's outside of the fog of all the controversy surrounding it while going through the Legislative process.
But I'm guessing, when I give her that benefit.

She is just the next step to government growing stronger in America. Just like Bush 43 was. He ran on the GOP ticket but his whole 8 year term showed him to be more of a far left Liberal than anything even close to a true Republican.

Regardless of whether she's speaker or not, this country is screwed and the hole just keeps getting deeper.
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